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Atdhe Buja, Ph.D. (c) is a world-renowned Cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in ICT and 11 years of experience in Cybersecurity. He is a Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI) and a leading authority on information technology, Industrial IoT, and ICS/SCADA cybersecurity. He holds a position Associate Professor in the Department of Math, Computer Science, and Digital Forensics at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA.

His research work focused on cybersecurity countermeasures for Industrial IoT and included ICS/SCADA infrastructures, Wireless sensor network WSN. He has held a variety of roles in the cybersecurity industry, including database administrator, CERT Team manager, cybersecurity trainer, and penetration tester.

Atdhe is passionate about helping organizations protect their critical infrastructure from cyberattacks. He is a sought-after speaker and consultant, and his work has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets.

Why choose Atdhe Buja as your cybersecurity consultant?

  • Expertise: Atdhe has a deep understanding of the latest cybersecurity threats and trends. He is also an expert in Industrial IoT and ICS/SCADA cybersecurity, which are two of the most critical areas of cybersecurity today.
  • Experience: Atdhe has over 20 years of experience in ICT and 10 years of experience in cybersecurity. He has held a variety of roles in the industry, which gives him a unique perspective on cybersecurity challenges and solutions.
  • Credentials: Atdhe is a CEH, MCITP, OCA, CEI and a Ph.D. candidate in cybersecurity. These credentials demonstrate his commitment to excellence in the field of cybersecurity.

If you are looking for a cybersecurity consultant who can help you protect your critical infrastructure from cyberattacks, then Atdhe Buja is the right choice for you.

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